Friday, 6 April 2018

Expressive therapies for Brain development

Expressive Language Development
through Expressive Therapy

There are many therapies offered to children who are delayed with speech and
language. The prevalence of ABA therapies dominating the industry right now is
only part of brain development in children with special needs such as autism
and other language delays.

It is important that we give children language, as well opportunities to use it in context.
We may teach children colours and words, but unless we put them in the environment
with opportunities to use the language in context. These children will struggle to
develop the spontaneous expressive language we will see in neurotypical in children.

Where your child grabs your hand and says I want to draw with blue paint today.

This is an example of spontaneous expressive language. In our program we aim to
develop the skills for our kids to spontaneously express wants and needs in the moment.
By providing opportunities, exposure to contextual language, and new experiences.
We will use art making with a variety of materials, as well as music to expand contextual language development.

Your child whether verbal or not will be involved in music making, singing,
dancing and social play that will give them ample opportunities to express themselves.
As well as art making that will not only work on motor skill development, sensory play etc.
It will provide them with opportunities expand language expression using colours, textures, and context of verbs, adjectives and nouns. Having language is great, but it is using language in social and situational expressive context that is the overall goal with
'neuro-diverse children' which means an expanded brain.

The more opportunities we contrive for our children, the more we give them the ability
to thrive in their environment. Teaching language is only half the equation, it is in the
opportunities to learn context and to apply that language in context, that children are able to really develop expressive language skills.

written by Emily McLennan - Art therapist - BBAIM team
BODiWORKS Institute

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