Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Adaptive Programming for Expression - ALL ages

The Importance of Adaptive Programming

Art and expressive therapy can seem like an illogical choice for special needs individuals. As it can require vocalization, social participation,  and motor skills.
What people may be unaware of is... how adaptable the expressive arts programming is to special needs individuals, as it can adapt/change/incorporate limitation by using non-traditional material.

For example... painting with string instead of a brush, or using masking tape or stencils to create shapes and patterns to paint in.

As well expressive arts can incorporate sensory materials to engage in self soothing techniques like shaving foam, beads, and clean hands programming. The ability to adapt and change materials, techniques, make programming inclusive is why art therapies is a great and valuable addition to therapeutic programming.

Setting goals that anyone can achieve despite their limitations, and providing support so no one feels struggle or frustration is vital to our therapeutic perspective.

We can all participate together at our own levels and abilities and feel a sense of inclusion and pride in what we are able to create. It is important to support individuals and provide them the opportunity to learn, express themselves, and be included in a community. As well as present everyone with the opportunity to feel pride in what they can accomplish no matter the outcome.

Our perspective of: 
  • support,
  • inclusivity
  • adaptation to needs... is what sets us apart from other services supporting special needs individuals.

We aim to provide service to whoever needs it and support them achieve and succeed in their therapeutic goals. Whether behavioural, motor skill development, language acquisition, emotional and contextual expression. Expressive arts therapy can be beneficial in all these areas, creating a well rounded perspective to therapy and developmental treatment.

written by Emily McLennan - Art therapist - BODiWORKS Institute