Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Cumulative Effects in a 'good' program

Adapted Gym Program

The measure of a 'good' program for special needs children is difficult.  Often parents focus more on the perceived initial benefits such as behaviour, enjoyment and improvements seen.  These can be very subjective because each day with a special needs child is not the same as the you already know if you are reading this blog! 

Having personal and professional experience with the latter I know that our 'stress' persists, and clouds what we see to be improvements or NON-improvements.

A 'good' program is often dictated by its realistic goals and intent.  We cannot determine improvements over a short term, as this is not realistic. Nor should we expect them. However the measure of a 'good' program comes with the acknowledgement that this will take awhile and the folks that are leading and assessing my child have the knowledge, experience and the will to pursue the improvements.

The Cumulative Effect (added in amount of time spent doing)  of several years in a program cannot be overlooked. It has been this author's experience that children who remain in a program, best experience the cumulative effects of the ever changing and improving environment from which they are exposed. The professionals that work with them can adapt and change over time to make the necessary developmental adjustments. The Adapted Gym Program for instance is not the same year to year for a singular child and the development and growth, changes. It is very helpful for a child to have  continuance for improvement rather that changing programs constantly.