Tuesday, 9 September 2014

intro to Brain Based Kids

If you ever wondered why behaviour happens the way it does in children then you are definitely not alone.  Why does a child with or without a special needs diagnosis act out?

EVERY child as they develop whether their brain is disordered, malformed or chemically altered in some way has the ability to interact with their environment. This environment can be experienced through the child's interpretation.  This interpretation comes from a vast array of  'sensory matrix'  through which neurological processes and pathways enter the brain for interpretation. Once completed the interpretation elicits a response ie. Behaviour.  SIMPLE RIGHT?

Why does one child then interpret the same environment different from another?  The concept is the brain has a different experience of the environment based on the child's differences in sensory and cognitive capabilities.  These capabilities are determined by the internal environment of the child, NOT the external necessarily, because it usually is rather unpredictable.

Brain Based Kids (BBK) are those involved in changing this internal environment for progress and success.

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